My name is Joel Palmer, and I appreciate your interest in my work. I have enjoyed serving my clients as a commercial, portrait, and fine-art photographer for many years. I have been blessed to work with individuals and organizations from all over the country by helping them with everything from portraits to advertising photos and other commercial photography projects. I also work as a fine-art photographer selling my prints and canvases at art shows and online through my website and Etsy store allowing me to develop relationships with customers all over the world.

I enjoy the entire creative process of what I do - taking a project from start to finish. Beginning with a concept, I photograph my subject until I have captured the photographs needed to produce what will become finely crafted images ready for display or publication. Using these raw photos, I begin my digital imaging workflow to create the look that best portrays the desired vision and purpose for the project. Once I have an image that I'm satisfied with, I will either provide it to my client as a digital file, or I will prepare the image for printing.

Printmaking is often the final step of the creative process and one of great importance to me. A finished print is simply an interpretation of the original image, and it is one of the most critical aspects of art and photography. Being able to control the printmaking process has required a large financial investment in professional printing equipment and supplies as well as the many years I've worked to develop the skills necessary to create my own process and style. For me, it has been well worth the cost to have the opportunity to ensure that each finished print I create represents my original vision and meets my high standards of quality. This is one of the many reasons I choose to print my own work.

In addition to creating and printing my own work, I also offer my services to others in need of high quality prints and products made from their own photos and artwork. I print on a variety of papers and materials in various sizes from small prints to large canvases and wall murals. I can take your image and print it to the material that complements it best. Please let me know if I can help you or answer any questions.