I shoot almost all of images in high resolution RAW format.  This means more work for me in the editing process and massive storage requirements when capturing and working with your photos.  Since I do all of my own editing and large format photo printing,  I prefer to accept the challenges of RAW file photos, because of the amount of control, quality, and flexibility they offer a photographer.  The images you see uploaded in theses galleries show lower resolution jpeg proofs.   In some cases I chose to shoot a few jegs, but I always use the highest quality file from my D-SLR.  When you place an order for photos, I can go back to my high resolution RAW format or largest jpeg file photo and crop, straighten, sharpen and color correct images.  If you are interested in a specific image and would like to see it cropped tighter, converted to B&W or sepia, or have some other custom effect done, please contact me,and I will help you however I can.